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[ About ]

XiuXiu X (XXX) Labs comes to explore digital environments to showcase its own unique story and build the ecosystem with unlimited possibilities. XXX Labs is an ambitious endeavor that aims to establish itself as a big new brand, featuring several generations of NFT collections.

XiuXiu X Genesis is the first 1,000 pfp avatars to drop whose holders enjoy the most advanced benefits within the ecosystem, such as the ability to be staked, generate native tokens, free access to future drops, and more.

[ Benefits ]

The priority of the project is to reward holders by developing utilities both of long-term value and of immediate benefit, in the current day-to-day life.

Loot Box System

Get the award from a special XXX-Capsule. Inside can be hidden a wide range of virtual loot, from tools subscriptions to valuable NFTs. The Capsule will be funded by 90% of royalties from secondary sales of the Genesis collection and 20% of royalties of the Gen-2 collection. You should keep an eye on the capsule's energy, as it fills at random times!


A native token $XIU underlies everything in the XXX Labs ecosystem. But only Genesis NFTs have the ability to generate tokens. Stake them and get the following benefits for $XIU:

1. Create-to-Earn

Update your character's personal story - come up with a name, superpowers, and biography details, thereby participating in the development of the project's lore and enjoying a unique creative experience. By increasing the detail of your character's story, the chance of getting loot from the XXX-Capsule improves. Updating the lore happens once a quarter using the interactive character profile on the website.

2. XiuXiuX Labs Marketplace

Buy and sell goods and services within the project ecosystem. It can be some kinds of physical and digital merch, special items for Gen-2 characters, and more.

3. Profits Sharing

Entitle to earn a portion of the project's profits on a regular basis in the case of long-term staking, which will be considered as the ultimate support and contribution to its success.

4. Breeding Process

Use for breeding in Gen-2 collection. Apart from Genesis, no other collection of XXX Labs ecosystem will have this ability anymore.

5. Voting

Enable holders to participate in the project governance and decision-making process and influence the whole ship's direction! The tokenized voting process is fully automated and transparent, ensuring fairness and accuracy of the results.

Future Drops Advanced Access

Genesis holders will be able to receive airdrops of all future collections within the XXX Labs ecosystem. The upcoming Gen-2 collection will consist of 5,000 3d models to be used and playable in the metaverses. Only Genesis holders will be able to breed characters based on the Gen-2 collection. In addition, they will have access to some advanced settings, items, and traits of Gen-2.

[ Roadmap ]

[ Phase 01 ]

  • Genesis Launch
  • Floor Price Support
  • Community Engagement Rewards
Roadmap img 1

[ Phase 02 ]

  • Holder Snapshot
  • XXX-Capsule Opening
  • Staking Activation
Roadmap img 2

[ Phase 03 ]

  • Gen-2 –°ollection Drop
  • Lore Global Update
  • Character Customization Tool
Roadmap img 3

[ Phase 04 ]

  • Breeding Implementation
  • Marketplace & Metaverse Integration
  • Loading...
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Head of Technology

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